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Pits on the end of a rod to be held in a drill

The 3D Printer is fired up and working 100% after 12 months resting :)

  Sorry about the quality of photos...used my iPhone and didn't realise  its limitations..................I will take some more later.. Well it's been almost 12 months since I have managed to do anything in the workshop.   Whilst still undergoing many tests and in poor … [Read More...]

Blind brackets the white one is the original

Sumpod proves a hit with She Who Must Be Obeyed!

  Well I have proved the worth of the SumPod to SWMBO (the wife!). We have drop down blinds in our bungalow and I was told yesterday that 'another' blind clip had broken. What is a blind clip? Well it attaches to the top track and Sandy had replaced them with safety pins. What clips said I? … [Read More...]

The Orange filament I had trouble with before - but its as good as the Red now

Endurance printing with the ‘new’ hot end

Well I wanted to test the new nozzle assembly for durability. I believe it gives a much nicer print and it also printed Orange filament which would not print at all before. I believe there is still a difference between filament performance around colour but this new hot end didn't bat an eyelid with … [Read More...]

The box printer today used for calibration

Back 3D printing again – but using the standard supplied firmware and ReplicatorG

I will write up all that's gone on in the last few days but suffice to say its printing again and much better as well. It has a new nozzle which is the only change really since I have postponed the move to Marlin since it did not go well for me despite considerable help from Maik in Germany. I need … [Read More...]

The plug of filament removed from the nozzle

Sumpod – Jamming – resolution after extensive investigation

Spent yesterday morning trying to get the 3D printer working again following the recent upgrades (SD card reader, Encoder, new LCD with contrast control, second extruder, 3mm instead of 1.75mm filament and a keypad). However there is an age old adage "that if it ain't broke, don't fix it!" and that … [Read More...]

Small R/C car bearing to see if it is an improvement

Work on dual extruder and filament feed continues

This is work done a couple of days ago but hopefully I will continue it tomorrow and get back to printing soon. The pictures should help but I will put together a full account if they parts work. I must admit I am unsure of the bearing and block as being a possible weak point. I have a stronger … [Read More...]

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