Mapping of Marlin directory and building the front extension to the SumPod

I started the day by completing the tool holder project which uses brackets I printed out using the SumPod 3D printer. Its nice to cross off one of the many projects I wanted to use the 3d printer for.

Moving on, I didn't need planning permission for the extension to the front of the Sumpod, well not quite! Though I feel the front panel is a good option, since I want to add the rotary switch and the SD card reader in particular to an easily accessable place, I am not totaly convinced. So I will see how it works before any final decision about permanent attachment is made. The progress made is shown in the photo's below. Don't take too much notice of the quality of finish with the MDF, its still in the 'mock up' stage.

Hot bed, mock up of new front panel, oh yes, a quick print to see if it was a fluke?

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Airtripper form the Sumpod forum designed a hot bed for the Sumpod. Whilst they say its not necessary for PLA plastic, I hope to modify mine to do ABS (and 3mm filament) so thought it would be useful to build and see how durable it is. The weak point may be the glass I bought (the glazier certainly thought so and didn't charge me for two pieces!) but since it warms fairly slowly and Airtripper has had his working, why not.

During the construction my mind wandered to whether yesterdays 100% success rate was a fluke? So why not just design something here and now and see if it would print? I opened up Alibre 3D CAD and produced a small letter F, exported it to the desktop, opened Skeinforge, converted it to GCode and then loaded it into ReplicatorG.

Happy New Year to all Sumpodders…and my readers

Conrad Electronic UK
Europe's leading electronic specialists now in the UK

Just a brief note to wish you all a happy new year and all my readers and fellow Sumpod builders, especially Richard and his family for the work he has and is putting in to the SUMPOD.


My SUMPOD has arrived! SO the build can start soon!

I will post some pictures tomorrow of the lit of parts. So far I have checked the contents sheet (except for the bolts package although that will be done properly tomorrow as well). I ordered my SUMPOD with a soldered board since whilst I do play with electronics and soldering I wanted to be sure that I had a working printer that did not suffer due to my soldering! However it does not seem to have its ramps board in the box. It may be that Richard will send the board on later since it needs to be built by SUMPOD and he is extremely busy trying to get kits out, that's what I am hoping has happened. Certainly I have enough to be getting on with and have emailed Richard to see if that is what has happened. I will let you know the outcome.

Good News – I have a tracking number so delivery of the kit is imminent!

I have just received a tracking number from Richard and it means the kit should arrive soon so hopefully next week I can start the build and will document here. I have several drawings done so watch this space!

Hope to receive my SumPod soon….

Had a flurry of emails from Richard (owner and designer of the SumPod) stating he hopes to dispatch all the first phase (some 41 I believe) midweek this week (12th October) with the second batch (I am number 1 of the second campaign) also being dispatched today (Friday 14th October 2011) so I have my fingers and toes crossed. Hopefully there will be a flurry of building activity soon, and I shall share my experiences of building and running the printer with you .

Exciting times! I now have several drawings of items I want to print and it has had the bonus of improving my skills with Alibre 3D CAD.

Look back soon.

Busy Using Alibre 3D Cad to produce items I want to print

Frustrating waiting for the printer to arrive but it does give me time to investigate all things 3 D printing. Additionally I am busy drawing items I want to printout.

I have found one site in particular that acts as a free library of drawings and also a section where people who have made use of them that then put a picture ot their results fr others to see. It is surprising how just changing the colour makes such a difference.


The electronic brains behind the SUMPOD

If you want to more about the electronics behind the SUMPOD then visit this site to learn more. Whilst it is not a SUMPOD page the electronic package is the one Richard has chosen for the 3D printer kit.

I have chosen the easy way out and have ordered my kit with the electronics already soldered! Don't trust myself to solder all joints without at least one dry joint....and no skills in finding which one it is........

Horses for courses comes to mind......

Where can I buy a SUMPOD?

At the moment the place to purchase is on the INDIGOGO site and they are sold in batches. The second batch is about to close in 6 days time (written on 3rd September 2011).  How this will alter in time we have yet to see i.e. whether INDIGOGO is always used or the sales switch to Richards own SUMPOD site

News items

Just starting to add some video's of the SUMPOD initially and later on I hope to add video's of the build and operation of my own SUMPOD kit. In the meantime have a look at the video's that are published by Richards (owner of SUMPOD)daughter Phillipa on various aspects of the SUMPOD kit.

Come back soon for  more information.



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