Experimenting with Printrun v Replicator and printed a useful spanner!

Well I spent the day 'playing' with printing and seeing how Printrun worked as against ReplicatorG with Sprinter. I also designed and made a couple of knobs for the front panel addition I have been working on. Whilst printing the knobs (see photo's) I quickly designed a 10mm spanner for unlocking the fitting at the rear of the machine when changing filament.

Contrast control for the LCD and SUMPOD

Today I spent time getting the new LCD to work with a contrast button, using information on the SumPod wiki. I made my own drawing which shows both ends and the 10k variable resistor. Pleased to say it works fine!

16 x 2 LCD wiring with contrast control - SumPod 3d-printer-kit

I also got the Marlin software uploaded to the Arduino board and the click encoder/speaker/sd card reader wired up. I put an SD card into the reader and was pleased to see the files on the card show up in the menu.  What I can do with them and how it all works is a different matter!!!


I went out to give the new front panel to hold all the new electronics, its last coat of paint when it went and crinkled badly!! many choice words were expressed since I am running very low on the paint to match the SumPod. :(

Filament spool holder framework

Well today I decided to sort out a method for feeding the filament to the Sumpod 3D printer. I had a small drum of PLA 1.75mm (measures in at 1.75mm by micrometer) which I bought from MakerBot industries and since it comes on a nice drum I though how about a stand for it to sit on.

After a few initial sketches I thought it would be easiest to produce a 3d printed block that could be used to make the stand. Using the idea from Richards Sumpod kit build (his method of running the belts to the stepper motors on small bearings) I thought a frame could be made using cheap threaded rod and the printed blocks.

Hot end progress halted by breaking Power Resistor lead! Doh!

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I have made good progress on my dual hot end extruder design and despite breaking the thermistor, then snapping a lead off the resistor when dismantling the existing hot end, I managed to get the test done. Further progress is now on hold until replacement components are delivered :(

The first problem I had to overcome when testing my design was no voltage at D10! So no voltage or power to the power resistor. After checking it was not switched off in software I asked Richard if he could help and eventually the solution was found. Because of the damage to the thermistor (it wasn't there!) this meant that no power was available. Following an article on the RepRap site I had to wire a 10k resistor between the 2 ends of the thermistor wires. This proved to be the solution and as soon as the components arrive I am sure I can get it to print in 3d!

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