Endurance printing with the ‘new’ hot end

Well I wanted to test the new nozzle assembly for durability. I believe it gives a much nicer print and it also printed Orange filament which would not print at all before. I believe there is still a difference between filament performance around colour but this new hot end didn't bat an eyelid with an 'allegedly' (by me...) difficult colour.

I also wanted to see how long it would print for and did a couple of just over 1 hour prints before setting it going with a 6 hour 23 minute print! Yes, overĀ  hours. Now it doesn't make either financial sense or time taken, when the design could have been milled by the Sumpod in MDF but as I say I wanted to see if it would do it.

I changed filaments each time I printed and all of them came out nice. Even the clear looks good. There wasn't a lot of delay between prints which totaled just under 9 hours! So it seems not only to print better using the same settings, but it is also less fussy with filament types and seems durable enough!

All of the design is Richards, I have just made the prototype and doing some testingĀ  for him so I cannot take any credit, although we were thinking along the same lines as others have(see my effort http://3d-printer-kit.com/?p=484 which is not as simple and clean as Richards). If you want to know more about the new hot end contact Richard who is adding other parts to it (including a very neat mdf holder) via his website http://sumpod.com/

Anyway photos tell you more so here are some of today's results:

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