Sumpod proves a hit with She Who Must Be Obeyed!


Well I have proved the worth of the SumPod to SWMBO (the wife!). We have drop down blinds in our bungalow and I was told yesterday that 'another' blind clip had broken. What is a blind clip? Well it attaches to the top track and Sandy had replaced them with safety pins. What clips said I? Then ensued a brief I told you, no you didn't 'discussion' before I said confidently, "I can print out some new ones".

I then went and measured up the original and made a drawing in Alibre 3D cad. Once exported as an STL file it was over to the printer and a couple were soon printed out.  From the first conversation till the 2 first printed was only about 50 minutes. I then took them back into the bungalow and they fitted fine. Great said SWMBO. Can I have another 4 please! That's a clever printer isn't it.

So now there are 2 of us 'believers'!

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