Wiring diagram for the Sumpod 3D printer – from Reprap

Well thanks to “electronica” from the Sumpod Forum I have the wiring schematic for the Sumpod. You can see it in all its glory here.

Basically the 4 wires for each motor in order are Red, Blue, Green then Black (when looking down on the board from above and the D10, D09, D08 ar on the left hand side.

The limit switches go to the block of 3x 6 pins and the axis are identified on the reprap board with the top two (of the 3 pins in line) are used. The orientation I have been told does not matter due to control via software although I have yet to prove that myself. Wiring for the extruder uses D10 as D09 is for a second extruder and D08 for a heated bed (which I am considering buying). So tomorrow I hope to not only get the motors working

lcd wiring from SUMPOD SITE -closeup

lcd wiring from SUMPOD SITE -closeup

but also start the final assembly.

The PCB Fan Richard recommends wiring in so it is live all the time the machine is on.

I will post photo’s of my wiring when I get it working (note the positive when….not if…….)

I shall be using some of the connectors from Richard to get it working having ordered more from HobbyTronics that way I should not damage to much (fingers and toes crossed!)



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