Some great 3D CAD sites found as a result of SUMPOD forum

Whilst waiting for the kit to arrive (not due until October) I have been busy drawing items I want to print. I also visit Richards SUMPOD site several times a day to see how others are getting on and one of the items discussed there are sources of 3D models already done.

A new one to me is http://grabcad.com/home which I find fascinating since it is more of a community of engineers versed in 3D engineering models which offer their services to manufactures and designers alike. These 'customers' commission work from an online engineer by asking those interested in fulfilling their design brief to apply for the job. They advertise the spec and brief then say how much they are willing to pay and come to a deal.

I just think its a great idea and if you are a manufacturer you can accommodate peaks in design workload bye seeking a GrabCAD engineer at a pre fixed price. Must be very cost effective and people from all over the world are interacting and allowing a shop window for 3D CAD designers.  To ensure quality you have to upload examples of your works and sign various confidential and proprietary agreements.

I uploaded a 3d model of the Edgar T Westbury (1947) design Seal engine block (see pictures above) which I am building (a pair of them) and documenting on my model engineering website . No sooner had I listed it I received an email saying I had a message from a chap in America who had rendered the block. What a difference that process makes! Amazing results. I was also surprised that it had been downloaded 6 times! Anyway see what you think.

The other site I have used before the interest in 3D printing occurred is Traceparts  which is very useful for items such as gears, pulleys etc. In other words the difference between the two is GrabCad deals with complete models and Traceparts deals with individual components, so both are complementary (and FREE!)

SO much to learn.........so little time.....


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