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Well the SumPod is still printing well and I thought I would try printing something on my long list of items to print, a tool holder system for my model engineering hobby.

I got up to version 3 (which has yet to be tested) today and will have a go tomorrow in printing one out.

I have also been exploring how to print multiple copies at the same time. If you know of a better way then please let me know but my solution goes back to Alibre 3D cad and simply making an assembly with the number of copies required. I ran it through Skeinforge to see the hot end paths and it works in principle. When I get the design right I will have a go at printing 3 copies (see photo below). Whilst the second attempt did not work where it would easily slide into place, when I cut it in half to see if the jointing worked, that at least was a success.

I have yet to decide whether its best to print the holders out or mill a MDF pattern and then cast them in aluminium? Time will tell.

Whilst all this was going on I was preparing the MDF wood parts to make mine a dual extruder SumPod. I now have all the parts to assemble the second hot end and extruder system (except for the white plastic part that pushes the filament against the stepper motor shaft) so will focus the next few sessions getting the second extruder working.

Filament is now becoming an issue, I am using the Faberdashery rainbow package up so need a bulk purchase. The UK is not served very well for 1.7mm suppliers at a REASONABLE cost. The price you can pay varies so much and checking overseas rates our Island (like many things) seems to pay a premium :( Also the way it is sold masks costings where by the metre is common here rather than weight as overseas buyers buy.

All I want is to pay the same as other countries. It can't be right  that its not much dearer, even with shipping, to buy overseas as you do in the UK without. Rant over. If you know of a good quality filament supplier in the UK that is competitively priced (compared say to what USA buyers pay) then please let me know. They can be assured of many customers, of that I am sure!!


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  1. I’ve just ordered some more filament today and this time from reprapworld.com.
    I ordered 2.5kg of 1.75mm red filament for 62.01 euros total (53.72 pounds).

    Adding my delivery address to the order form in the correct format was a problem and did not come out right on the order confirmation. So. I added my address to the comments section below where you select payment type so they can used the correct address format.

    With the 1.75 being in short supply at a good price, it’s best to grab a good deal when you find it – hoping the Filament quality will be good.

    • admin says:

      Mark, I have also ordered filament from them. Waiting for it to arrive but it grieves me to pay so much for shipping and seeing the price in other countries.

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