Filament spool holder framework

Well today I decided to sort out a method for feeding the filament to the Sumpod 3D printer. I had a small drum of PLA 1.75mm (measures in at 1.75mm by micrometer) which I bought from MakerBot industries and since it comes on a nice drum I though how about a stand for it to sit on.

After a few initial sketches I thought it would be easiest to produce a 3d printed block that could be used to make the stand. Using the idea from Richards Sumpod kit build (his method of running the belts to the stepper motors on small bearings) I thought a frame could be made using cheap threaded rod and the printed blocks.

I then had a brain wave, and thought surely several people have done the same on Thingiverse, a quick search turned up several examples which recreated the drum in effect. However, since I had one delivered, I thought another approach would be nice.

No doubt as soon as I build it I will find another example! But to date I haven't. My design may have a few tweeks (braking for one? Will the drum role too free and let the filament explode?) and I am expecting that so I decided to print just one block for now. That will prove the assembly part of the design. If the drum revolves too fast I will need to make adjustments, perhaps to one bearing, nuts tightening either side of the bearing? I don't know.

I also am using the block as a vehicle for the 'how to videos' I am producing on the use of the software for new users. I am not impressed with my voice or the pick up quality of the laptop microphone so I have ordered a cheap microphone. I may have to sweet talk another 'someone' to do the narration but I thought it important (since there are so many building at the moment) to get something out there.

Let me know what you think about content, (don't shoot me for the voice or sound quality - yet!!!)

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