Contrast control for the LCD and SUMPOD

Today I spent time getting the new LCD to work with a contrast button, using information on the SumPod wiki. I made my own drawing which shows both ends and the 10k variable resistor. Pleased to say it works fine!

16 x 2 LCD wiring with contrast control - SumPod 3d-printer-kit

I also got the Marlin software uploaded to the Arduino board and the click encoder/speaker/sd card reader wired up. I put an SD card into the reader and was pleased to see the files on the card show up in the menu.  What I can do with them and how it all works is a different matter!!!


I went out to give the new front panel to hold all the new electronics, its last coat of paint when it went and crinkled badly!! many choice words were expressed since I am running very low on the paint to match the SumPod. :(

So after running through the menus (see my download menu chart) I started to make a list of the results I get from the actions I take. Some do not work as expected so its a case of sorting those out, a process I will be carrying out over the next few days (weeks?) but I must admit I do enjoy the problem solving safe in the knowledge that I can also mill or print by simply reverting to the Sprinter firmware settings.

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