My Sumpod is in bits! But its not bad news, I have finally started the dual extruder and 3mm filament hotend upgrades

3 new heater blocks hot end Sumpod 1 at 6mm os nozzle dia and one at 8mm os dia ( for 3mm PLA)










Well I managed to get out into the workshop today and for a change I was machining which I must admit was a nice change. I wanted to make a second hot end (based on Richards firs design since it works so well) but with the capacity of 3mm PLA filament on one outlet and 1.75mm filament on the other. I also want to experiment with ABS later on and am researching other heating elements since ABS operates at a much higher temperature than PLA.

I also want to experiment with differing nozzle sizes so am making some at 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm and may try one at a minute 0.3mm hole. I am also thinking through the internal design of the nozzle and can't quite make up my mind if what I am doing will work, so thought it was easier to just make a couple and see. Of course I will need to operate at the same nozzle diameter as my successful prints or else I will not know if the results are based on internal redesign or different nozzle size. With these heater blocks I have added a 1.5mm dia x 2.5mm deep hole to fix the Thermistor in so I will see if that helps to protect it.

I have all the parts I need for the second extruder at last, the motor, driver board, shaft filament driver etc. So whilst its a little disconcerting taking apart a working machine, it will be all the better for it I am sure. I really am enjoying this experimenting world and the electronics aspect of the build. So much so I have bought a 'Sparkfun Inventors Kit' with its on little Arduino Uno board! the shame, if shame it be, is the time I have available for my true hobby, model engineering but this does link to it especially on days like today!

If it goes well I will document all what I have done in the next few days. No doubt there are 'issues' on there way and problems to overcome but it does keep the little grey cells active!



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