Main types of available home 3D printers of all prices.

Edited 7th January 2012 to add Printrbott

The home and/or kit market for 3D printers is alive and growing. The current prices range from around £400 to £1700 before you go to the big boys and then the skies the limit! Keeping up with the growth of affordable 3D printers is a challenge, but a nice one. I have yet to find a source covering them all so this is my attempt to fill hat gap.



Here is the current range that I know of. If you know different then please let me know and I will add them to the page.

1                 Sumpod (the cheapest I believe.....)

2                Up! 3D Printer

3                Huxley eMaker

4                RepRap (various versions)

5                MakerBot

6                Printrbot (want one in every home - over $800,000 pledge so far!)




The SUMPOD kit (my choice)

This is a more expensive option, and needs less assembly than some, but that comes at a cost!

The Huxley EMaker 3D printer.....

The RepRap 3D printer.......printing another....

The Makerbot another wood based kit.....very successful marketers

The Printrbot

Seo Packages