Videos of Software ‘How To’s’ for new Sumpod Users.


I have video's of the process of using the SUMPOD to print by showing how I do it. At the present time I have over 30 hours of printing logged and am at a 98% success rate. Thats not to say I am printing great stuff because my designs don't yet match the printing! However, one of the uses of a 3D printer is purely that, to accomodate designs and see their faults/improvements is a physical object. So I don't feel too bad.

The highlighted links are completed (I am going to upgrade and replace them when I can following feedback and a microphone arriving!). let me know what you think

1 3d to .stl then .stl to GCode (Alibre3D Cad/Sprinter/Skeinforge/ReplicatorG)

2 Follow 1 small item though from beginning to end. Including video of the printing process

3 My Skeinforge settings for 3D Printing (extrusions)

4 My Skeinforge settings for Milling

5 Milling MDF and its settings (Alibre3D Cad/Sprinter/Skeinforge/ReplicatorG)

6 Printing Multiple items (Alibre3D Cad/Sprinter/Skeinforge/ReplicatorG)

Can you think of any a new person may want? Because if you can email me


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